Consumer demand sensing

Alcoholic Beverages



The challenge

Map, size ($$) and understand the current and future consumer demand for the company’s key brands in top  markets. 


We created an output that enables a clear understanding of consumer behaviors, trends, consumption occasions, the value ($$) and opportunity at stake for the company’s existing brands, and the white spaces for innovation, new services or M&A

Our approach, combined data science analysis and sociological research to:

  • Size the playfield, taking into account the category and cross-category growth dynamics. `
  • Identify trends aided by topic modelling.
  • Sociological research - to compliment the topic modelling, adding necessary flesh to future demand archetypes.
  • Predict the playfield, calibrating current playfield with strong trends as well as growth in related / adjacent categories.


A powerful mapping of consumer demand in markets based on a multi-dimensional consumer understanding (context for consumption occasion; related need states; relative competitor set).


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