Our impact

In the context of business disruption, Pivot recognizes our clients’ need to anchor decision science in their strategy and in the day to day Operations. This is what we do as Advisory and artificial intelligence experts.

Improve the growth & efficiency through reorganising portfolio investment allocation for a major CPG based on AI modelling

Fueling growth through restructuring the media operating model for a major player in luxury

Development of an innovation diffusion model that calibrates the right level of investment for a new brand to market dynamics

Machine Learning to rate and score highest potential products for development considering multiple quantitative and non quantitative dimensions

A new approach for product identification; Fusion of human creativity and AI search capabilities improving product detection

Developing chatbots to reduce delay for a marketplace website using NLP and computer vision

Developing Empirical Contribution Modelling to better understand the impact of advertising on sales for CPGs

Co-creation and development of a new yearly marketing plan process empowering 200+ marketers in a global company

Development of a model of cultural shift for an investment fund to facilitate organization innovation and creativity

Our clients & CO

Our decision science approach is applicable across the sectors, from CPG companies to Investment Funds and Non Profit Organisations.

Trust makes our clients our best ambassadors, who become long term partners, as we grow together through different projects and missions.