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We actively engage with a leader in Luxury to restructure the media operating model evaluating the Pros and Cons and deriving a business plan that create a win-win game for all parties


We supported an internal organisation in technology to review and adapt their Customer Decision Journey and map out critical actions to be done at each step of the journey to better accompany the organisation strategy around the customer-centricity. Our work helped to align the go-to-market strategy and the product development roadmap



Growth Modelling : Helping leaders building their strategic growth choices for the next three years

At Pivot we developed a 3-years scenario based approach to evaluate the impact of any growth decision using Machine learning and macro-economic dynamic. 

Pivot & Co decision science model Assess, Plan, Attack framework® help to deliver strategic choices argued with numbers


We developed the Empirical Contribution modelling, a machine learning techniques to evaluate at the right granularity the impact of each touchpoint to advise on investment decision for next marketing campaigns or promo plans.




In large organisation, Business Units divide up the A&P at their discretion / based on business sense. For A&P to be effective, companies must spend on the right brands in the right countries. 

The traditional A&P budget breakdown suffers from several short-comings: It gives limited consideration to the significant differences in A&P intensity and sensitivity that often exist given market context and brand growth situation

It fails to recognize the fundamental choices needing to be made to fuel growth, maintenance, and harvest strategies for each brand, segment, and country. 

Market share and the impact of support investments on profits are not measured, and as a result, market share objectives are not linked to A&P budgets

We developed for a large CPG company Epilogi. A AI-based platform guiding the investment strategy looking after the role  and the dynamic of each business unit and  the macro-economic and geopolitics dynamic. 

Anti Money Laundering engine Pi-AML®

Financial crime is harder than ever for institutions to detect and prevent. The permanent crisis and the geopolitical instalbility increases risk exposure for private equity firms. 

Pivot&Co designed and developed for one of the largest private equity in the world a sophisticated AML approach deployed a new AI-based platform allowing the facilitation of 

> Transaction investigation 

> Investigations and Financial Intelligence Units


> Risk rating 

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